What We Do

Impact Hub Seattle is a coworking space, events space, and launch pad for purpose-driven ventures that create more value than they capture. We are located in the Masins and Pacific Commercial Buildings in the historic Pioneer Square.

We believe in a better world through inspiring entrepreneurship, and through community, space and educational events, we accelerate entrepreneurs toward building the future we want to live in. 

We provide a remarkable space for productive work, a driven community that resides at the intersection of technology and social good, and a diverse selection of programming and mentorship to guide our members with the tools they need to establish their idea.

Our community helps entrepreneurs and businesses consider the social and environmental impact of their business practices, while also pushing philanthropists and nonprofits to become self-sustaining through collaboration and more efficient business models.

Our Building

Impact Hub Seattle, together with Social Venture Partners and our thirty private office tenants have transformed a former furniture building into a modern-day office space in the heart of downtown Seattle. Our unique facility houses one of the largest concentrations of social entrepreneurs in the country. Together, we’re creating a space to educate inspiring leaders, fund their ideas, incubate their social ventures, and lead the revitalization of Pioneer Square as a center of impact and innovation.

General Contact Information

Interested in hosting a meeting or event at Impact Hub? Email [email protected] 

Do you have a general question about membership? Email [email protected]

Anything else? Please email [email protected]

Meet The Team

Meet the team that makes it all happen on a day-to-day basis.

Steve Johnson, CEO

Hi, I’m Steve, Impact Hub Seattle’s CEO. I took over as CEO of Impact Hub Seattle in April 2016 and bring a background in organizational development, strategic planning, community engagement, and policy analysis gained from a career in public service at the international, national, and local levels of government. Most recently, I served as the Executive Director of the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development from 2008 to July 2015. During that time, I shaped and guided the city’s economic development agenda through the recession and the subsequent recovery. This work included attracting, retaining, and expanding businesses in Seattle, helping neighborhoods organize and execute strategies to develop strong commercial districts that serve their needs, and investing in the skilling up of adult workers so that all residents have opportunities to share in Seattle’s prosperity and industry has access to a skilled local workforce in a rapidly changing economy.

You can ask me about: Getting involved with Impact Hub as a civic partner, our long-term strategy development, community engagement opportunities, and our role in our local ecosystem.

My email is [email protected].

Lindsey Engh, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Hi, I’m Lindsey, Impact Hub Seattle’s Co-Founder & Managing Director. I spend my days making sure our team has what they need to be successful and ensuring that our strategies align with our mission. I used to consult with Seattle-based nonprofits and social enterprises on digital marketing and retention strategy. 

I’m usually at Impact Hub Monday through Friday, bank hours. When I’m in the building, I usually hang out on the 2nd floor coworking space. When I’m not at Impact Hub, you can find me biking, reading, yoga-ing, or taking my yearly month-long sabbatical. I live downtown, right across from Pike Place Market. I can talk all day about sustainable urban development (especially in our Pioneer Square neighborhood), how to turn a city into an innovation haven without socio-economic or ethnic gentrification, entrepreneurship and managing yourself out of a job, and reflection, delegation and outsourcing.

You can ask me about: The story of Impact Hub, our digital and online presence, sponsorship or partnership opportunities, questions about our internal team structure or anything in that domain, and absolutely anything else that you do not know who to ask. 

My email is [email protected].

Sarah Studer, Communications + Business Development

Hi, I’m Sarah, Impact Hub Seattle’s Communications + Business Development Manager. I spend my days uncovering the stories of the incredible work that our members are doing, writing our weekly newsletter and social media posts and making sure that everyone has the information they need to make the most of their time at Impact Hub Seattle. I also work alongside our CEO Steve Johnson to identify new and creative ways for companies and organizations to partner and support our members. Earlier in my career, I was a grants manager for a small, progressive foundation, built my own event planning company, and started out as the Events Manager at Impact Hub in early 2013. Fast forward four years, and I'm excited to step into a new role with the company. 

I’m at Impact Hub Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. When I'm in the building, you can usually find me on the 1st floor, or in the lobby at Convoy Coffee! When I'm not at Impact Hub, I'm probably sweating through a 90-minute Bikram yoga class, testing a new recipe or trying out a new bar or restaurant. I live in Capitol Hill and think that the light rail is just the greatest thing to happen to Seattle. I'm also on the Board of Seattle City Club. 

You can ask me about: how to get involved and partner with Impact Hub Seattle, our weekly community lunches, or anything about Seattle - I'm better than Yelp! 

My email is [email protected].

Susan Lloyd, Finance Manager

Hi, I'm Susan, Impact Hub Seattle's Finance Manager. I spend my days working on internal processes and keeping our business running. Before joining the Impact Hub team, I worked with YES! Magazine, Sunna Greenhouse in Iceland, and Appalachia Service Project in a variety of roles. 

I'm at Impact Hub weekdays from about 8am until I decide I need to go home for the day! When I'm in the building, you usually can find me on the 1st floor or digging recyclables out of the trash. When I'm not at Impact Hub, you can find me in a bookstore, park, or trail in the mountains. I live in the Central District and enjoy cooking elaborate meals and am happiest when there is a table full of friends and family to eat them! I also am fond of hibernating during the gray Seattle winters, surrounded by stacks of books and large mugs of coffee. 

You can ask me about: Impact Hub Seattle processes and policies, BCorp Certification, and which container you should throw your trash in. 

My email is [email protected].

Bridget O'Brien, Billing & Data Systems Manager

Hi, I’m Bridget, Impact Hub Seattle’s Billing & Data Systems Manager. I spend my days working on updating member records, bookkeeping, responding to inquiries, and brainstorming with the team about operational efficiencies (it’s more fun than it sounds). Prior to joining Impact Hub, I ran the administrative side of things at NPower Northwest, a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening other nonprofits through effective use of technology.

I’m usually at Impact Hub Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. When I’m in the building, you can find me hanging out in the Impact Hub office (floor 1.5 - next to the Nest!). When I’m not at Impact Hub, you can find me out on the town, cheering on Seattle's extensive pool of talented musicians, dancers and artists, attempting to grow organic food in window boxes (emphasis on the word ‘attempting’) or supporting a few of the amazing organizations working for local and global food sovereignty. I live in the Cascade neighborhood of Seattle – I don’t care what Paul Allen says, I refuse to call it South Lake Union! 

You can ask me about: Updating your billing info, changing or canceling your membership level, adding or removing services like mail, storage, or fixed desks, and if you’re curious what the heck the term ‘food sovereignty’ means.

My email is [email protected].

Amber Khoury, Event Manager



My email is a[email protected]


Merilee Jones, Community + Operations Manager


My email is [email protected].



Saif Mubarak, Building Operations Lead



My email is s[email protected].


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