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13 Jan 2019

How to Ignite Change Without Burning Out

Social entrepreneurship is exhilarating and galvanizing work, filled with purpose and passion. It’s also chaotic, messy, demanding work that can take everything you’ve got - and more. How can we dial up our capacity to effectively influence social change, without driving ourselves to exhaustion?  

Search Inside Yourself was born at Google for change leaders like you.

When Google was faced with the challenge of scaling up fast, their researchers combed through the science of mindfulness, attention, innovation and leadership to identify ways the best ways to train their internal emerging leaders to be even more effective.

Now we’re bringing the same program that thousands of Googlers have taken to you. We are two social change leaders who’ve been there and back -- and we we want to share what we’ve learned with you, our local community of social entrepreneurs.

Cultivate the resilient leadership presence that’s already inside you.

Lasting change is not about pushing your agenda - or yourself - beyond your limits. We’ll show you how you can stay focused to get more done with less effort, improvise to meet the unexpected, negotiate effectively without giving in, and pick yourself up after setbacks with a fresh perspective. These simple practices are based on timeless traditions of mindfulness, backed up with the latest neuroscience and research, and adapted for social entrepreneurs.  

Serenity now! Register for 2 days that could change your life for good.

Join us for an immersive two-day experience of interactive exercises and guided reflection.  You’ll leave with practical how-to and a renewed sense of confidence, so you can rise to the challenges ahead and keep leading meaningful change.

Who are we?  We’re Impact Hub members. We’re experienced teachers, facilitators and change makers. We’ve both worked deeply in the fields of organizational change, compassionate care and social justice.  We both have a long-time meditation practice - but don’t worry, this program is designed for people who have never meditated before! We’re in the process of becoming certified by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which allows us to offer this experience at a steep discount for one time only in January 2019.

We’ve been there.  We’re with you. We’ll help you find your inner clarity.  

And we invite you to practice with us!

Larisa Benson is a teacher, consultant and host of the Government Joy Network at the UW. She is a teacher-in-training with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

Anthony Back is a physician & UW professor who founded a startup, VitalTalk, located here at the Hub. He is a teacher-in-training with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

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