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20 Mar 2019

Impact Hub Seattle's Host Program Launch To Success

On its face, the Impact Hub Seattle's host program is a simple one. People give 6 hours of their week for 4 months to help out at the Hub, and they receive 4 months of full membership in return.

Impact Hub Seattle loves having hosts. Sure, they help out at the front desk, make coffee, empty the dishwashers, wrangle packages, and more. But hosts haveboth literally and figuratively built the Hub into what it is today. Former host (and current Hub massage therapist) Jen Hersman was instrumental in building our relaxation Nest area. Former host Natalia Fandel is our Community Manager and is responsible for Milk n Cookie Hour, Lunch + Learns, and our weekly member update emails.

Time and again, our hosts have come back to us to tell us about the huge effect being a host has had on their success. For hosts wanting to increase their network or make a career change, having day-to-day interactions with our 700+ membership and the support of our staff and other hosts has been an invaluable resource that launched them forward.

(That's the awesome Jen with Hub pup Tomato)

Jonathan Kumar

Jonathan was a host over 3 years ago at Impact Hub. He used our network to build Samaritan, an amazing organization that is a mobile platform allowing downtown employees and residents to learn about and help people experiencing homelessness. They are given a small bluetooth keyfob called a beacon and when people are close enough, the app on their phone will send a notification with the person's photo and story. A lot of people choose to donate money that can be redeemed at supporting businesses, but there are stories of people going further.

In one case, a beacon holder got a tap on the shoulder one day. A man had seen his Samaritan story that he'd worked in construction and recognized him. He walked with him to a store and bought him new boots so he could go back to work.

Kumar is still at Impact Hub, where Samaritan is based. They recently won an awesome Elevator Pitch contest from GeekWire.

Marcus White

Marcus White was a host from June through September 2018. He learned about the Hub after attending a Freelancers Union event when he first moved here from Atlanta. Currently, he's doing accounting and bookkeeping as an independent contractor.

"I have earned $1,150.00 in revenue because of the exposure being a host granted me. Being a host made me money, new acquaintances, and I liked it enough to commit to being a full time member here."

David Pierre-Louis

David was a host back in 2017. He became a host to learn more about the community. At the time he was in the process of opening Impact Hub Port-au-Prince. So he wanted to learn as much as he could. 

David did go on to cofound Impact Hub Port-au-Prince! He was also named Facebook Fellows of the Facebook Community Leadership Program, Class of 2018 because of his innovative efforts to support entrepreneurs and the entrepreneur community in Haiti. He founded and co-organized Port-au-Prince Startup Week and an initiative called Zel which is an Entrepreneur Development Program created in partnership with Impact Hub Port-au-Prince and Katalyst Konbit to provide 20 early stage entrepreneurs a reliable workspace, a supportive network, and a 34-week entrepreneurship training curriculum.


The person writing this blog post was a former host. I'm Rose and I currently manage the Hub's social media and general marketing. I was a host in early 2018. That's me with the green hair:

If you're looking to expand your network or take the next step in your business or career, why not apply to be a Hub host? Read the requirements here and apply today!

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