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20 Nov 2018

“It turned into a larger project.”

This is a quote from the collection of “Kendalisms” that my husband has written on our refrigerator white board. This exactly describes the project that I initiated with the Impact Hub host team in our lobby this summer!  

It was supposed to be a simple chalkboard refresh, as our lobby display of recommended businesses had become outdated. Rather than filling the board with my ideas, I wanted to capture the opinions of our hosts and community members (enter 1st level of larger project here). As I worked on this project with Impact Hub hosts, there were differing opinions on how it should be executed but we eventually arrived at a plan. Once we gathered input from members, our hosts got to work, beautifully displaying the top suggestions from each category on the chalkboard. They also created new icons and magnet markers for the adjacent map.

To complement the lobby map, one host suggested that I create a Google Map resource. This was going to be simple enough – until one of our managing directors, Kris, suggested that I talk to Impact Hub member, Laura Clise from Intentionalist. Intentionalist is social enterprise that has developed an online guide to diverse local businesses that includes information about the people and stories behind them. This made sense to me, so I reached out to Laura (2nd and 3rd level of larger project begins here).

When I showed Laura my half-completed Google Map, she flashed her bright-eyed “you know what we should do” look at me. She suggested that I skip the Google Map and let her create a custom resource for us on the Intentionalist site. That sounded great, but also like a lot of work. She assured me that she would do the heavy lifting – I just had to give her the spreadsheet. 

To my delight, Laura and her team transformed the spreadsheet into an online guide that we have since published to our website and to which we added a link to the map in the lobby. The Impact Hub Seattle guide makes it easy for members and guests to discover the local businesses in our neighborhood and learn about the people who own them.

Our last big push is to launch the partnership by organizing a Week of Intention – November 26-30. During the Week of Intention, Hubsters are encouraged to use the Impact Hub Seattle guide to support local businesses in our neighborhood. Be sure to check-in to the local businesses you visit via the online guide and upload your receipts so that we can add up our collective impact! There will be prizes awarded for most check-ins and most money spent. ‘Tis the season to #SpendLikeItMatters in support of the small businesses in our community!

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