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10 Jul 2019

Join Panda Tank This August 2nd!


Nonprofits and social enterprises face a confusing and highly competitive fundraising landscape. Join the leading nonprofit experts and top social entrepreneurs of Altruist Partners for a fun, interactive session on how to frame and present your organization's mission so it sings to funders, energizes staff and volunteers, and most importantly, solves our most urgent social problems.

Remember shark tank? This is the Panda version, an encouraging, supportive, and energizing version of a shark tank. That said, come prepared: organizational executives, fundraisers, and board members should arrive with their best arguments as to why their organization is worthy of hard-earned dollars. You will receive friendly (but powerful!) feedback on your strategy, execution, and goals.

You will leave with the tools, templates, and revenue strategy so you can continue the work on your own.

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Panda Panel:

  • Akhtar Badshah, Founder and Chief Catalyst, Catalytic Innovators Group, Adjunct Faculty Member at University of Washington
  • Brian Screnar, Partner at New Profit, State Director, U.S. Senator MariaCantwell, Deputy Chief of Staff and White House Liasion, U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Jessica Ross, Chief Development Officer, Treehouse – Giving Foster Kids a Childhood and a Future, Operations Administrator, Lifelong (Formerly Lifelong AIDS Alliance)

For: executives and board members of ambitious nonprofits and social enterprises.

What you will learn: the social sector's leading framework for translating your mission into a world-class growth and impact strategy, and direct feedback about your organization in a workshop setting.

Schedule: 2 hours of leading edge tools and strategies, business planning fundamentals, how to maximize revenue, and how to dashboard your impact - followed by 1 hour of robust, practical, expert-level feedback on your goals, model, strategy and execution.

Presented by: Altruist Partners and Impact Hub Seattle. Impact Hub Members: use your discount code for 50% off!

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