Interview with Amánda Koster

Amanda is an inspiring storyteller who shares her passion for creating positive change by raising community awareness.


Q: Who are you? Introduce yourself as you would at a dinner party.

A: A Storyteller. I inspire people to give a sh*t.

Also, I am the founder of SalaamGarage, the organization that produced and exhibited “Aging Out Of Foster Care In Seattle” (among dozens of other global projects) which hung at Impact Hub over the summer. Maybe you saw it.


Q: What is your background? How does it differ from what you are doing now?

A: Photojournalist turned visual communicator for several industries and brands.


Q: What are you working on right now?

A: I am a Leadership Tomorrow Candidate of 2015 which means I am currently in the program. Also enrolled in an intensive digital marketing course through General Assembly and will start teaching myself frontend coding over the holidays.


Q: Why did you join Impact Hub?

A: Its mission and community.


Q: How do you make money?

A: I engage audiences with meaningful information generally through content creation and then by measuring its impact.


Q: What is something that really excites you right now (a trend, life development, time of year, food, etc.)?

A: Data journalism, information design, refined storytelling and teaching myself CSS, HTML and Javascript.


Q: You have $10M to spend in the next year, and you can’t spend it on you, your friends or your family. How do you spend it?

A: Transform homeless to homebound.


Q: What’s on the horizon for you (a new project, career path, personal development)?

A: Career path: I am currently seeking and interviewing for roles in content and communication with a team on an extraordinary mission.


Q: Where do you usually hang out when you are at Impact Hub? How often are you here?

A: 2-5 days a week generally in the blue room or at a standing desk.


Q: What is something we don’t know? (Either about you, or something else)

A: Education is a person's most valuable investment, primary way out of poverty, crime and negative trajectories.  Seattle Public School system has been red alert for the last decade. Seattle Area Corporations imported 25,000 STEM jobs in 2013 because talent wasn’t local.  And yet, 7% of Seattle are voted for our Board of Education. Best way to improve Seattle Public Education? Be informed. Set up a Google Alert. Get involved. *Vote.*


Contact Amanda at [email protected]