Interview with Jason Atherton

Jason is the man to find when you need to look good while doing good! He's the mind behind Trumaker, a new kind of men's apparel company.


Q: Who are you? Introduce yourself as you would at a dinner party.

A: Hi. I’m Jason, Sales Director at Trumaker. We are an online menswear start-up based in SF. What makes us unique is that we measure guys in their office before they place their first order so they know everything fits perfectly.


Q: What is your background? How does it differ from what you are doing now?

A: My background is sales and marketing in creative industries. I’ve worked in the arts, action sports, outdoor recreation, and now, fashion.


Q: What are you working on right now?

A: Right now I am working hard at building Trumaker in Seattle. We started in June and Seattleites been very receptive. I’m hiring and training new outfitters to cover all of Washington State. Outfitters measure customers in their offices and help them pick out fabrics. Guys like it because it’s fun and casual and they love the experience and the product.


Q: Why did you join Impact Hub?

A: As a start-up we didn’t have a huge budget for office space so I searched all over town and checked out all the different coworking spaces. We decided on Impact Hub because of the friendly staff, great energy, and good location. The vision of Impact Hub connects well with the Trumaker brand ethos: do good, look good. We believe that guys are at their best not when they are standing in front of their closet but when they are out doing the things they are good at. We free up guys from thinking about their clothes so they can focus on making the world a better place.


Q: How do you make money?

A: We sell build-to-fit shirts, blazers, sweaters, ties, leather goods, and accessories. We started with just shirts and our product line has been growing quickly. Check out


Q: What is something that really excites you right now (a trend, life development, time of year, food, etc.)?

A: I’m really excited about the collaborative economy, Jeremiah Owyang and others are doing fantastic research around sharing and the maker movement. It’s exciting to see startups raise billions to create more efficient sharing economies.


Q: You have $10M to spend in the next year, and you can’t spend it on you, your friends or your family. How do you spend it?

A: Invest in all the startups!


Q: What’s on the horizon for you (a new project, career path, personal development)?

A: We have 3 kids under 3 (Eleanor, Oliver, and Charlotte). They keep me pretty busy with all the cool stuff they are starting to get into. I’m wrapping up my MBA at UW in June. I can see some fun projects on the horizon. I’ve wanted to get a specialty coffee project off the ground for some time.


Q: Where do you usually hang out when you are at Impact Hub? How often are you here?

A: I have a tiny little office in the expansion space. Come say hi!


Q: Give us your top three Seattle gems!

A: Here are three just in the building: - Elm Coffee - Good Bar - Pilchuck Glass School.


Contact Jason at [email protected]