Interview with Heather Bowden

Heather Bowden, one of our Hosts, can help you find products for transgender people, conduct user research, get a clean air plant, and so much more.

Q: Who are you? Introduce yourself as you would at a dinner party.

A: Hi, I am Heather. I help folks jumpstart their business and conduct user research. I'm also handy around the lab. 


Q: What is something that really excites you right now (a trend, life development, time of year, food, etc.)?

A: Just moved to First Hill! Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Q: You have $10M to spend in the next year, and you can’t spend it on you, your friends or your family. How do you spend it?

A: Open a STEM hacker-space.  


Q: What’s on the horizon for you (a new project, career path, personal development)?

A: I hope all of the above! But ideally, a job that I am committed to and believe in. 


Q: Where do you usually hang out when you are at Impact Hub? How often are you here?

A: In between the 2nd floor main space and expansion space. 5 days a week! 4 if a museum is having a free day. 


Q: What is something we don’t know? (Either about you, or something else)

A: I love clean air plants.  I have one named Fred. 


Q: What are your 3 favorite places in Seattle?

A: Other than Impact Hub??? Brouwer's Cafe (Fremont), Alki Beach, Seward Park


Contact Heather at [email protected]