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Our space is made up of individuals and teams who take part in an entrepreneurial community, with everyone is equally dedicated to helping accelerate their fellow members toward individual and business goals.


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Adriana Moscatelli

founder, CEO, Play Works Studio,

Adriana Moscatelli is the founder of Play Works Studio. She has been at the forefront of human-computer interaction technology development since the late 90s... She designed mobile operating systems such as Nokia’s Series 60, which predated Apple’s iOS. Her experience spans software, hardware and... Read more

Adrienne Moore

Up 2 Us,

Alan Toledo-Ocampo

Hence LLC,

Online Platform for Interior Designers Read more

Alex Mondau

Director, Business Development, Community Sourced Capital & Starvation Alley,

You can find me playing outside with friends, working on Social Purpose Corporations and making good things happen. Read more

Alex Rossie

Head of Software Development, AME Commerce, Inc., Belltown

East Coast/Gulf Coast transplant. Love airplanes. Read more

Alison Doyle

Human Resources Manager, Ankrom Moisan Archictects, Pioneer Square

Human Resources / Office Manager by day; bedroom composer by night. Ankrom Moisan Architects, Inc. offers architects, interior designers, urban planners, branding and graphics professionals, and administrative staff a rewarding work experience at all levels. Our 31-year practice of creating p... Read more

Alison Booth Gribas

Worker-Owner, Cafe Manager & Food Service Sales; Certified Peer Advisor and Intake Coordinator, Equal Exchange and DAWN (the Democracy at Work Network), Ballard

I was raised in Albany, NY and graduated from Williams College in Williamstown, MA. I have worked for human rights and social justice since I was a teen! I joined Equal Exchange, a worker-owned fair trade organization, in 2001. In 2006, I moved to Seattle to open our pilot cafe, the Equal Exchang... Read more

Allie Diffendal

Program & Operations Director, Seattle CityClub, Sunset Hill

Allie develops programs, maintains relationships with partnership organizations, and occasionally spends time in spreadsheets for Seattle CityClub, a non-partisan nonprofit that keeps Seattleites connected and informed of local issues. Her boots are the only part of her Southern heritage that stu... Read more

Amánda Koster

Founder, ED, SalaamGarage, Greenwood

15+ years developing and producing innovative and award-winning multimedia content with a focus on projects that inform, educate, and motivate people to action. Seeking organizations who are interested in leveraging my expertise to produce, curate and measure targeted content, build community... Read more

Amanda Helfer

Senior Analyst , Vigdor Measurement & Evaluation , Wallingford

Amanda's passionate about humanitarian response and global health, along with other public policy and social justice issues. Currently, she's researching scheduling practices for businesses and unpredictable hours in the retail, food, and service industries workers in Seattle. Amanda also loves p... Read more

Amy Voros

Coach, ACC, Creative Catapult Coaching, Cedar Park

I am a native Seattleite and coach for divergents who is fascinated by the world around me. I'm always looking for something new to learn. Some of my interests include learning styles, neurodiversity, math, cooking, productivity and the meaning of life, rollerblading, and exploring. I'm coach, ... Read more

Andrea Gates Sanford

Co-creative, Tango Foxtrot Communications, View Ridge

Andrea has been working in corporate communications for over twenty five years. She studied undergraduate at Oberlin College and The University of Michigan School of Art & Design and received her MBA in Sustainable Business at Pinchot's Bainbridge Graduate Institute. She has completed certified G... Read more

Andrea Cole

Owner | Coach | Consultant, Andrea Cole Consulting, LLC, West Seattle

Andrea brings a wide scope of knowledge and experience from both industry and education. With more than 20 years in the software industry, non-profit management, public sector and business enterprise consulting services, she has developed skills in managing projects of all sizes, including large... Read more

Andrea Lai

Sustainability Consultant, Capitol Hill

I'm currently at the Hub working on instrumentation design for a pilot-scale renewable energy plant in southeastern Georgia. My background has been in biofuels, and I have work experience in process design, plant operations, data management, and grant writing. Outside of work, I'm a member of ... Read more

Andrea Koehler K

Learning & Development Program Manager / Coach , Leviathan Security Group; Any Shape Or Form; The Coloring Project,

Andrew Himes


Andrew Himes was the founding CEO of Charter for Compassion International. (The Charter was launched in 2008 by TED.com and Karen Armstrong, with the mission of supporting the emergence of a global compassion movement.) He is the author of "The Sword of the Lord: The Roots of Fundamentalism in an... Read more

Andrew Gordon-Maclean

Past work is in international conservation and development research/comms. I am looking for: Short term temping work key skills include writing/ editing, sales, facilitation; A long term permanent position for an organization in green infrastructure. Read more

Andrew Lyon

CEO/Owner, Andrew W Lyon Travel, Green Lake

Andrew Lyon has taken hundreds of people abroad to over thirty countries, building relationships, accountability, and funding for NGOs doing international relief work. As CEO and owner of Andrew W Lyon Travel, he oversees a team that handles logistical work for short-term international trips and ... Read more

Andrew Klein

Founder, Zccounting.com, Lower Queen Anne

We help make accounting and bookkeeping easy so that founders can focus on their business! Read more

Andrew Piston

Code Piston, LLC,

I'm a Salesforce Developer for Non-Profits. Most of my work is with Exponent Partners, who are based out of the Hub in San Francisco, and Percolator, who is based out of the Hub here in Seattle. Read more

Andrew Mattox

VP of Sustainable Development; Geologist; Analyst, Evrnu, Ground Truth Trekking, Georgetown

Andrew a.k.a. "Mattox" is a geologist, natural resources & petroleum analyst, and writer. He co-owned & operated a wilderness equipment startup (Alpacka Raft) for three years, and served as a USFS wildland firefighter for six years, including three in the North Cascades Smokejumpers. Mattox h... Read more

Anna Von Essen

Founder, Vessel Strategy & Consulting, West Seattle

During more than a decade in the nonprofit and social service fields, Annie Von Essen has worked as a social worker, counselor, communications manager, fundraiser and project manager. She holds an MSW and an MPA from University of Washington’s School of Social Work and Evan’s School of Public Af... Read more

Anna Landa

Rainier Beach

I'm between jobs right now - I recently left Springwire after 7 years as the Program Director when the organization closed its doors. When I'm not at home enjoying some unexpected quality time with my 2 1/2 year old son, I am spending my time at the Hub - networking and looking for my next caree... Read more

Anna De La Cruz

Anna De La Cruz Consulting,

Anna's background includes over a decade of experience in research institutions, where she was trained in a broad range of methods and partnered with dozens of foundations, NGOs and companies. As a consultant, Anna brings a foundation of academic rigor to the more practical questions that social ... Read more

Anne Blackburn

Storefronts Manager, Shunpike,

Putting art and creative pop-up projects in vacant and marginal spaces since 2010. Artist, curator, producer, and agitator across arts disciplines. Read more

AnneMarie Ladlad

Social Media Intern, Impact Hub,

AnneMarie Ladlad is an entrepreneurial communication strategist ready to take on any challenge. With her passion for writing, social media and graphic design, she is currently pursuing a double degree in Strategic Communications and Humanities and a minor in Entrepreneurship at Seattle University... Read more

Aparna Rae

Consultant , Independant , Capitol Hill

http://about.me/aparnarae Read more

Arvind Krishnan

Founder & CEO at Swym, a startup working on improving mobile engagement for Retail brands. Read more

Aubrey Armes

Prosperity Coach, Awaken Your Greatness, Pioneer Square

Hi! I am a Prosperity Coach supporting successful women to shift their money mindset to be able to fully enjoy their whole life and experience true freedom. Read more

Autumn Johnson

Founder & Chief Legal Officer, SoundLaw,

I am a licensed attorney in the State of Washington. Prior to law school, I was a social worker for the State of Arizona. During law school, I interned at multiple nonprofit organizations, externed for the Lane County Circuit Court, completed two fellowships, and was an editor on law review. ... Read more

Barney Cohen

President, Business 360 Northwest, West Seattle

Barney has more than 40 years of experience in starting and operating businesses. From a single record store, he built one of the largest wholesalers of prerecorded music in the world. Once Valley Media reached $900 million in sales, he decided to take the company public. He now helps small a... Read more

Becca Balyeat

Associate Director of Admissions and Outreach, Pinchot, a university for the common good,

Education Enthusiast. Read more

Ben Chesler

Intern, Community Sourced Capital, Ravenna

I got involved with food recovery after diving in one too many dumpsters, and after having seen too much good food get thrown out. As a culture, we have begun to reduce our impact on the environment through recycling, and composting, yet we have missed one of the biggest waste streams, food. Ever... Read more

Ben Derby

Vice President of Sales, Stakana Analytics,

Ben Tramposh

Assistant Prof., University of Washington, Rainier Beach

Former U.S. Army Judge Advocate Currently working for UW Law School implementing State Dept program for Legal Education development in Afghanistan and Indonesia Read more

Benjamin Wyde

Founder, Desk Different LLC, Wallingford

I used to work as an elementary school chess coach and am now focused on starting a business. I like reading about social enterprises and collaborative learning. I am working on www.wordino.com, a social space for sharing and collaborating on essays and stories. I also have 3d-printed items I... Read more

Bernhard Uhl

Owner, Master That, Mount Baker

What I do – I am a coach, mentor and creator of online courses. I am the owner of "Master That" a "How To.... company". My passion is helping people help themselves. What I did - I was Sr. Vice President of Marketing and an executive coach for Clay Nelson Life Balance; I was co-owner of “YesH... Read more

Beth Howard

Database & Analytics Administrator, World Bicycle Relief, Capitol Hill

I've been at Impact Hub since June 2013. Read more

Bethany Stolle

Founder, Interaction Designer, Stolle Creative,

Bethany Stolle is a design evangelist and the founder of Stolle Creative. As an interaction designer, Bethany works with organizations on everything from design research and strategy, to service design, to app design and development. Prior to starting Stolle Creative, she spent a decade in publis... Read more

Bob Dunn

Trainer, BobWP,

I am a WordPress trainer and coach. Having used WordPress since 2007, and owned a marketing and design firm for 20+ years I bring a lot to the table. I offer educational-packed free WordPress workshops regularly at the Hub in Seattle. You can find them on the calendar here or join my BobWPMeet... Read more

Bob Gunn

President, Seinergy LLC,

I run a data aggregation company for energy efficiency. Our data helps utilities comply with State mandates, while building their capacity to better serve customers. Read more

Bob Redmond

Proprietor, Urban Bee Company,

Bob found his way to ecological work while living in a garden cottage surrounded by skyscrapers, as writer-in-residence for Seattle's Hugo House in 2004-2005. He currently runs two related organizations: The Common Acre is a non-profit which restores food and farm culture, with projects at the Po... Read more

Brad Brickman

Business Planning and Project Management, Healthful, Equitable and Vibrant Community Enterprise Services, Montlake

I am returning to work on my core beliefs from a 40 year career in new ventures & startups. In 1978 I was a Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador where devastating deforestation and wealth imbalance there were a microcosm of an unabated global trend. I believe the prerequisite for sustainable ecos... Read more

bradley krugh

VP Partnerships & Operations , SeeYourImpact Technologies Inc. ,

Experienced technology leader in the non-profit and for profit space with a hands on background in strategic planning, sales and marketing. My current passion focuses on the non-profit technology & social entrepreneurship space with deep experience supporting online fundraising and storytelling c... Read more

brandin myett

owner, juicebox, Capitol Hill

hi. i own a seattle based organic juice company and cafe called juicebox. Read more

Brandon Bozzi

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Game It Forward, Capitol Hill

Making games that support charitable organizations. Thirteen years of experience designing and producing games across platforms and genres with over a dozen launched titles. Now taking that passion and experience and pointing it towards using the compelling nature of games to help educate, fund... Read more

Brian McDonald

Founder, SOURCERER, Industrial District

Our core concept is to provide culinary professionals and enthusiasts the ability to source unique ingredients in a more convenient and reliable way. The full fledged app will allow you to design, cost and source menus in one spot and at the same time. Read more

Brian Howe

CEO, Impact Hub Seattle, West Queen Anne

Proud to be one of the team that helps to make Impact Hub Seattle stay full of energy + hope. Attorney at times (Vox Legal; Apex Law Group)-professor at times-partner at VentureScale.co-EIR at UW. Really into people. Read more

Brian Stout

Policy Advisor, USAID,

Teleworking for USAID from Seattle. Seeking to transition into full-time employment in Greater Seattle in the international development/public-private partnerships space. Read more

Brian "Wolt" Wolters

Special Projects Lead, Impact HUB Seattle, Fremont

I am a passionate, entrepreneur and manager. I am interested in living intentional, connecting with people and collaborating for positive global impact/change! Read more

Bridget O'Brien

Billing & Data Systems Manager, Impact Hub Seattle, Eastlake

Bryan Starbuck

I'm a Technical founder. I'm looking for a Business Founder who is searching for a Technical founder. Email me at Bryan -at- TheStarbucks.com. Read more

Bryce Gartrell

Principal, Gartrell Group, Inc., Belltown

Consulting executive with expertise in geographic information systems (GIS), geospatial product development, and enterprise system design and integration services. Interested in new ideas and connections in mapping sciences, discussions and projects with geospatial focus. Specialties: Needs ... Read more

Bryce Morsello

Principal, Cirrus Pharmacy Systems,

Data Transformation for Healthcare Read more

Burt Hamner

President, Hydrobee SPC,

Global cleantech consultant, teacher, trainer in sustainable business. Renewable energy entrepreneur making tiny turbines. Startup pitch expert and winner. Read more

Caitlyn Williams

Event Marketing Coordinator and Event Manager, The Workshop: Events and Innovation,

As the Marketing Coordinator and Event Manager for The Workshop: Events and Innovation, I work alongside David Doxtater at one of Seattle's most highly regarded event design and production companies. Specializing in the production and design of brand enhancing events for local businesses and nonp... Read more

Cami Rutkowski

Art director / graphic designer, Cami Rutkowski Design, Columbia City

Cami Rutkowski is a freelance art director and graphic designer. Her recent and current clients include: The Paul G. Allen Ebola Program, Boeing, Group Health, Swedish Medical Group, Showpony (Strategies 360) and Coinstar. She delivers clean, sophisticated design that is on strategy and on bra... Read more

Candace Faber

Founder, Whoa Strategies, Phinney Ridge

I've been a member of Impact Hub Seattle since 2013. In that time, I've designed, launched, and led several projects, including Hack to End Homelessness, Impact On Air, and Hack the Commute. My work is a hybrid of strategy, communications/branding, and project management, as I typically work in c... Read more

Carey Gersten

Director of Market Development, Distributed Energy Management, Capitol Hill

Distributed Energy Management | Shifting wasted, inefficient utility dollars into cost reducing improvements without disrupting the financial viability of a business. Read more

Carol Sanford

Changing how we change the world to be more effective by business as the primary source Read more

Carolyn Cohen

Owner, Cohen Consulting & Evaluation, LLC, Wedgwood

Carolyn works in a partnership role with clients. She brings evaluative thinking and expertise to the table and helps clients identify outcomes, assess successes, and pinpoint areas for growth and change. She specializes in real-time learning that advances innovations in programs, systems, and co... Read more

Cathy Tuttle

ED, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways,

Co-founder & Executive Director Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. Safe, healthy streets for all ages & abilities. Sustainable Seattle highest individual award in 2011, Sustainable Seattle Livable Cities Award 2012, Sustainable PATH Foundation Pathbreaker Award 2012. Read more

Chad Johansen

Web Application Developer,

I've done web dev mainly on the .NET framework in C#, in addition to experimenting with microcontrollers, cellular modules, CNC, telepresence robots, currently moving gradually toward NodeJS. Read more

Charles Gust

Patent Attorney, Law Office of Charles Gust, Mount Baker

I'm a software developer and patent attorney. I can help startups and software teams in a wide variety of areas, including legal, technical and programming. I would like to meet with you if you feel you have a great idea but aren't sure what to do with it. I'm looking for ways to make a differenc... Read more

Charlie Manger

Chief Visioneering Officer, Development & Investment LLC, Wedgwood

Experienced senior executive and entrepreneur with background in law, business, finance and sustainability. Specializing in bringing new resources and capabilities to drive growth and change in the world. Read more

Charlie Cotugno

Owner/Photographer, Charles Cotugno Photography, South Lake Union

I'm a freelance photographer creating images of people for both commercial and private clients. My goal is to meet like minded business professionals with whom I can collaborate. I'm also the founder of the non-profit organization, Stories of Autism. Read more

Charlie McAteer

Founder, Front Flip, Columbia City

Founder & communications consultant with Front Flip, providing forward-thinking strategies for change makers. Working toward a more inclusive and just Washington State and America. Welcoming and celebrating immigrants and refugees. Clients include OneAmerica, Columbia Legal Services, and the City... Read more

Chris McCullough

Partner, Percolator Consulting,

I'm a strategist, technophile, and recovering political campaign hack. Read more

Chris Longston

Consultant, Altruist Partners,

I am a partner at Altruist Partners. We help nonprofits accelerate their revenue and impact. Read more

Chris Busbey

VP of Engineering, Connamara Systems, llc, Columbia City

Hi There. I'm the VP of Engineering for a small software consulting firm specializing in Financial Technology. Our team is scattered across the country with presence in Chicago, Michigan, and New Dehli. Read more

Chris Kurjan

Innovation Consultant, Quiver Consulting, West Seattle

15 years at IDEO in Palo Alto, London, Chicago, Munich offices. 8 years as an independent consultant working internationally. Originally a mechanical engineer, then product design, then service design... then organizational transformation. Teaching design-thinking since 1996. Leading innovation... Read more

Christian Sarason

Executive Director, OceanGate Foundation, Columbia City

I'm the executive director of the OceanGate Foundation, a small startup non-profit whose mission is to use ocean exploration to inspire students to pursue STEM careers. Read more

Christina Chase

Contract & Grant Specialist , Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center , West Seattle

I am currently enrolled in the BGI at Pinchot MBA program. I grew up in the wonderful state of Maine and moved to Seattle in September 2014. I also recently started a position at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, working in contract and grant financial management. Read more

Christopher Eide

Executive Director, Teachers United,

I run an organization called Teachers United. We develop star teachers to lead for both excellence in the profession and equity for students. Read more

Christopher Anderson

Founder, Governance Network, Pioneer Square

A large proportion of women and men currently governing our cities, counties, and states are all reaching the age when they are getting ready to retire. As a rule, there are no formalized training programs in place to educate the next cadre of citizens to step up and take their places or to impr... Read more

Cindy Brooks

Director of Marketing, Lifestyle and Ambassador programs, The Alinker Europe/The Alinker Inventions,

I'm working with the Alinker Inventions product launch in the Netherlands and soon in N. America. The flagship product is an innovative walking-bike for anyone who wants to stay active. Our social agenda is to build schools and support land mine victims. Read more

CJ Cruz

Social Business, Ed Tech, Digital Marketing Read more

Clare Mengebier

Digital Media Analytics Consultant,

I am currently working as a digital media analytics consultant for a non-profit and am looking for a full-time position with a Seattle-based social enterprise. I am passionate about organizations that use an integrated community development approach to improve outcomes in education, economics, an... Read more

Claudia Montemayor

Co-Founder / Chief Design Officer, PurpleWall,

PurpleWall is an online marketplace/platform for interior designs, disrupting the way homes are decorated, room by room. By connecting talented designers directly to the virtual doorsteps of residents looking to style their rooms. Read more

Colette Cosner

Executive Director, Domestic Fair Trade Association, Capitol Hill

Hi there! I am the Executive Director of the Domestic Fair Trade Association, a national coalition of farmworkers, farmers, retailers, processors, and NGOS. Our mission is to promote and protect the integrity of Domestic Fair Trade principles and practices through education, marketing, advocac... Read more

Corey Rawdon

Founder and Managing Director, Sans The Tie, Mount Baker

Corey believes that there are few business problems that cannot be solved over a cuppa — preferably Earl Grey — followed by some good ole-fashioned whiteboarding. After getting his first career jumpstart while working in tech, Corey moved forward to hone his skills by working in manufacturing, ph... Read more

Corey Claxton Blaustein

Administrative, Marketing & Development Coordinator, Shunpike, East Queen Anne

My passion lies in helping people tell their stories. Read more

Cressida Slote

Coordinator, Oikocredit Northwest (ONW), Interbay

I'm an independent consultant working to help organizations integrate responsible economic, social, and environmental business practices into their operations. I provide sustainability assessment, strategy, and reporting to corporations and nonprofits. Read more

Cristy Stone

co-founder/creative directory, story & outreach, evolv,

What do you really want to know? Email me and we'll chat. Read more

Dahm Choi

Customer Success Manager, SundaySky,

Dan Cumberland

vocational catalyst, photographer, & ruckus maker, Sparkfly Photography & The Meaning Movement, Ballard

I work with people around themes of meaning, work, and vocation at theMeaningMovement.com and make photos at SparkflyPhotography.com Read more

Dan Kihanya

Co-Managing Director, Impact Hub Kirkland,

I am a start-up advisor based here in the Seattle area. I work with early stage teams on strategy, fund raising, networking, and product road map. I have been an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and start-up exec for almost 20 years. Read more

Dani Buckley

Marketing & Sales Consultant and Writer , LeadG2 and The Art & Business of Words , Pioneer Square

I'm a marketing and brand strategist specializing in everything digital including content/inbound marketing, blogging, SEO, social media, website, lead gen, and email. I'm also an avid writer - professionally and creatively -- and have a passion for public speaking. In my day job I work with ... Read more

Daniel James

Software Developer, AT&T,

I'm a F/T teleworker with AT&T doing development on both back-end server and front-end websites using just about every technology and current language. Looking to get out of the house a few days a month to interact with others & maybe bounce ideas around! Read more

Darren Varnado

Business Development Executive & Co Founder, Repurpose Network, Inc, Seward Park

I'm working on building an online marketplace "Repurpose", where businesses and sole proprietorship's conveniently give away their surplus office supplies to public and charter schools. Read more

Darryl Miller

Vice President of Sales and Marketing , Fidalgo Bay Coffee, Inc. , Belltown

I'm in the coffee roasting business. I help retailers make and sell great coffee. Retailers such as café operators, baristas, chefs, specialty grocers, hotels, food service operators, and distributors. As a business partner in Fidalgo Bay Coffee Roasters, I serve the company and its customer... Read more

David Mesenbring

Central District

A social entrepreneur with diverse experience internationally (Africa, Latin America, Europe) and professionally (advocacy, philanthropy, non-profit startup, social justice animation). Next up: free lance writing and teaching on "When Money is Moral." Read more

David Lowe

Founder and CEO, Action Point Mobile, Olympic Hills

I'm the founder and CEO of Action Point Mobile, an edtech startup developing data collection tools for classroom teachers. I'm also a National Board certified teacher. While in the classroom, I built a notetaking app for teachers called Confer. Following it's success I've now founded a company... Read more

David Doxtater

Founder, The Workshop,

Founder of The Workshop: Events and Innovation, one of Seattle's most highly regarded and experienced event design and production companies. Specializing in the production and design of brand enhancing events for local businesses and nonprofits for over 17 years, we provide our clients with the a... Read more

David Pierre-Louis

Executive Director, Kay Tita , Ravenna

David Pierre-Louis is a leader in organization, social and economic development. As a magnate in business development, hospitality and entertainment, David is presently focusing his skills and leadership in cultivating community action and advocating for social change throughout the country of Ha... Read more

David Pauling

Founder, Main Street Values, Fremont

David Pauling… 86 years old… physically fit… technically challenged. 1945-1953… U. S. Marine Corps… “Gunnery Sergeant”… WWII and Korea. 1954-2005… Licensed Contractor, Manufacturing Manager, CEO, business owner. 2005-2009… AmeriCorps VISTA/ Leader… fighting poverty, searching for antidote. 20... Read more

Deborah Schumacher

I'm a ScrumMaster for an Aerospace Company by day. By night, I'm the hostess of the SuperGenius mastermind group. We want to change the world through soloprenure projects. My personal project is bringing people together to share skills & talents. Read more

Deric Gruen

Policy & Manangement, Leadership and Consulting, Capitol Hill

Policy and Management, Leadership and Consulting. Current Project Include: Communities of Color for Climate Justice, Rethinking Prosperity, Center for Communication and Civic Engagement, Sightline Institute. Read more

Diane Freaney

Founder / Creative Director, Rooted Investing LLC,