Andrew Himes

Neighborhood: Wallingford

Andrew Himes was the founding CEO of Charter for Compassion International. (The Charter was launched in 2008 by and Karen Armstrong, with the mission of supporting the emergence of a global compassion movement.) He is the author of "The Sword of the Lord: The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family" and prodicer of the documentary "Voices in Wartime". In 1989, Himes was founding editor of MacTech, a journal of Macintosh software development. In 1992, he was founding editor of the Microsoft Developer Network, and then led the first web development project in the history of the company. Beginning in 1994 Andrew managed Microsoft's platform web team producing the sites for all of Microsoft’s operating systems, browsers, development tools, and technologies. Nowadays, Andrew builds web sites for nonprofits and is working on a book about the transition to compassionate business and a just and sustainable global economy. Bio at