Cami Rutkowski

Art director / graphic designer at Cami Rutkowski Design
Neighborhood: Columbia City

Cami Rutkowski is a freelance art director and graphic designer. Her recent and current clients include: The Paul G. Allen Ebola Program, Boeing, Group Health, Swedish Medical Group, Showpony (Strategies 360) and Coinstar. She delivers clean, sophisticated design that is on strategy and on brand, through research, organization and a strategic approach to design. Working as an art director, she develops a conceptual approach to design, strategy and planning. As a working designer, she rolls up her sleeves and puts that strategy to work with solid design executions. Traditionally a print designer, she has focussed on web design and digital media over the last 3 years. She has two semesters of HTML coding from Seattle Central, but works primarily as a visual front end designer. She is particularly interested in design that relates to digital marketing in all aspects: branding, web, infographics, social media, HTML newsletters and email campaigns. She welcomes projects related to the arts, philanthropy, social good, and the nonprofit sector in general. Cami volunteers 1 day a week at a horse rescue, feeding, cleaning and handling previously neglected horses. Additionally, she donates time to the fund raising efforts of the organization. She is a cold water scuba diver and a season pass holder at Stevens Pass.

Please ask me about: infographics, rescue horses, nudibranchs and the giant pacific octopus