Cathy Syverson

RedTango is a brand consultancy that positions brands to compete with a consumer-centric approach that builds brand loyalty while driving business results. At RedTango, we believe that human truths must guide brand truths to create the deepest, most sustainable connections. , ,Im a senior brand strategist with 26+ years of experience and an uncommon blend of both strategic brand marketing and design / creative management experience. Im in the process of shifting from being a freelancer to building Red Tango, a brand consultancy business, partnering with others as appropriate for clients. Currently, Im developing a logo, brand look & feel, website and social presence. , ,My focus is companies, both non-profit and for-profit, who are innovative category leaders or challengers, change agents, or community builders that offer a product, service or experience that is culturally positive or making a positive difference in peoples lives. With non-profits, its rewarding to help them connect their mission to their brand, increasing their tools to be relevant. , ,In addition to consulting, Ive held brand and creative management positions with Starbucks, REI, and Eddie Bauer. While at Starbucks, I helped to develop their sustainability and corporate responsibility platform called Starbucks Shared Planet encompassing all of Starbucks ethical sourcing, environmental and community involvement efforts. , ,For a more complete client list, visit my LinkedIn profile: ,