Christine Lange

I work full time as the Deputy Communications Director for King County Government, but I also recently graduated from the University of Washington Foster School of Business with my Executive MBA. Before graduation, I won the "People's Choice Award" and was the runner up in a business plan competition. My goal is to start the first nationwide, standardized model of nail salons, called "Larkspur Nail Company". I want to become "the Starbucks of nail salons" and heavily rely on technology and a smart phone interface to revolutionize the store experience and create a franchise model that will spread quickly. The Larkspur nail company business model focuses on equity and social justice for employees, and we have incorporated as a "Social Purpose Corporation" to solidify our commitment to education, benefits, and a positive work culture for nail salon employees in a way the industry doesn't always currently provide. We will create a wonderful work place for employees, and a salon experience that people will love.