Christopher Anderson

Founder at Governance Network
Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

A large proportion of women and men currently governing our cities, counties, and states are all reaching the age when they are getting ready to retire. As a rule, there are no formalized training programs in place to educate the next cadre of citizens to step up and take their places or to improve the effectiveness of those individuals already in governance positions. We are in the formative stage of launching an online platform dedicated to providing training on how to effectively govern at the local, county and statewide level. We will also assemble steering committees comprised of subject matter experts that each student can avail themselves of during and after they complete their program of study. We will attempt to strike a balanced and nonpartisan educational approach so that each and every student is provided the knowledge and tools to effectively work with a diverse group of constituencies who will each have varying viewpoints and needs with the hope that a consensus building approach to governance becomes ingrained at all levels of government. This is just a snapshot of what we would like to do over the course of time. If enough people choose to become part of this audacious endeavor, we will be better prepared as a society to surmount the many challenges our nation will face in the coming decades. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please connect with me on LinkedIn.