Jake Bryant

We believe that charitable giving doesn't have to be exclusive, cumbersome, or expensive. You don't have to necessarily run a marathon or climb a mountain. And you don't have to give a fortune. It can be quick, easy, fun, social, affordable, and still just as meaningful. Born out of #SocEnt Weekend at the Hub, M$NEY BAGS is creating a platform that makes it easy to pick an activity, challenge friends, and put some cash on the line for your favorite causes. Why not? They sure could use it, and after all, friendly competition really isn't about the money, anyway. My day job is as Principle Strategist at Forward Mapworks - a boutique firm dedicated to elevating client sales performance through the use of ecosystem mapping and leverage visualization. I have a passion for creating high-functioning sales and marketing organizations, understanding the underlying systems that sustain them, and designing the programs that affect their continuous improvement. www.forwardmapworks.com www.jakebryant.com