Jim Levy

Mediator, Conflict Coach, and Conflict Engagement Consultant at Constructive Conflict Resolution LLC
Neighborhood: Wedgwood

Jim Levy is a mediator, conflict management coach, consultant, and all-around passionate collaborator. Jim also is passionate about innovation through human-centered design methodology, and uses those methods in designing the most effective processes for your conflicts. All people have conflicts in their lives. Some conflicts can be constructive, leading to collaboration and innovation. However, many conflicts become destructive, which can lead to feeling that life progress has been derailed. Jim works collaboratively with individuals, couples, groups, organizations, and businesses both to engage and help resolve the destructive conflicts in the important areas of their lives, and also to enhance constructive outcomes. AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Conflicts and Conflict Resolution in all contexts of life, including the workplace, home, family (including divorce), parenting, neighborhood, community, organizations, and online communities. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for litigated disputes.

Please ask me about: How to deal with a conflict in your life!