Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement Updates

Last updated on April 15th, 2015.

Whenever our Membership Agreement is modified we will notify you that changes have been made by updating the month, day, and year currently displayed on this membership agreement statement. This Agreement is always available on the Impact Hub website.

Member agrees on behalf of self (whether individual or company) and all of its’ employees, agents, guests, or invitees (hereinafter “Licensee” or “it”) by entering into a Space License agreement with Hub Seattle LLC (hereinafter "Hub Seattle" or “Licensor”) agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

Licensee will NOT:

Licensee understands and agrees that:

By signing up for an Impact Hub Membership, Member is indicating consent to all of the above terms and conditions for the length of said Membership. The Member/Licensee specifically consents that these conditions may be changed from time to time and hereby consents to the most recent version displayed on the website.

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