Are you currently job searching or about to begin the process? Feeling anxiety about how and where to get started, or where to spend your time?

Impact Hub Seattle has partnered with Erin Ewart, a Career Coach for social impact job seekers, to host a series of workshops designed to help you find and land the job you’re looking for. You’ll learn…

  • How to tap into the “hidden” job market. Did you know that 80% of jobs may never be posted publicly? This probably includes the job you’re looking for!
  • How to effectively tell your story and position yourself for the roles you want. Job searching is all about effective marketing and storytelling, and we’ll discuss tactics to “connect the dots” of your prior experience so that it resonates for target employers.
  • How to budget your time and keep yourself organized. It’s often said that looking for a job is a full-time job, and we’ll talk about how you can work smarter to ensure that you’re conducting your search efficiently and effectively.


About Erin Ewart

Erin Ewart is a career coach and recruitment consultant working with social sector job seekers and growing organizations. Prior to starting her business, Erin spent over 15 years as a recruiter, helping organizations find and hire the right people. She has worked for a diverse set of organizations across sectors, including Google and the U.S State Department, and received her MBA from Columbia Business School and her BA from the College of William and Mary. She relocated to Seattle in 2014 from New York City, and is enjoying the different pace of life in the Pacific Northwest, along with the adventures of raising an almost two-year old.

Learn more about Erin on her website: