We have a variety of meeting and event spaces that can accommodate groups of 4-300.

Each Conference Room is equipped with a large screen (VGA/HDMI connections) to project your presentation, speaker phones and whiteboards.

Each Classroom is equipped with a projector (HDMI connection), screen, speakers, and whiteboards (no conference phones).

Looking for space in Bellevue? Visit us at Impact Hub Bellevue, or contact us!

Event Spaces

For 25-300 persons

Our rental spaces are available year-round and meet a variety of event needs.

We host events that range from receptions, fundraisers, lectures, day-long workshops or off-sites, panels, hackathons, and more. We prioritize events that bring in diverse educational and inspirational perspectives to our membership. We do not host wedding-related events, fashion shows, Greek-life events without an educational focus, or parties for individuals.

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Conference Rooms

For 5-20 persons

Our conference rooms are extraordinary places to meet and get work done. Reservable by the hour, these rooms range in price depending on the level of membership of the person booking the room. As always, our fourteen members-only, private meeting rooms will always be free to use on a first come, first served basis.

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